16. December 2020

“DIE ZEIT” introduces the TrioMed™ mask in their online magazine.

ZEIT ONLINE has tested the everyday usability of masks. In the updated report, 48 masks are presented, including the TrioMed™ mask. The active protection provided by the antimicrobial coating, which kills coronaviruses and other pathogens within a short period, is emphasized. The TrioMed™ product is recommended for individuals who prefer surgical masks and have a tendency to accidentally touch their masks, which likely applies to most people. Breathing is rated as ‘excellent,’ and speech intelligibility is rated as ‘very good.’ Additionally, it is confirmed to be suitable for people who wear glasses. Wearers will find the mask comfortable as it remains dry. Overall, the mask test by ZEIT ONLINE demonstrates that the Triomed™ Active Mask Type IIR offers additional protection through its active component and is pleasant to wear. Source: https://www.zeit.de

(Unfortunately, the test can only be accessed by subscribers to the ZEIT ONLINE online service).