Protex Healthcare - VACUTEX™

The 3-in-1 solution for hard to heal wounds

The focus of VACUTEX™ is specifically on some essential factors in the healing process, such as oxygen regulation in the wound, control of edema in and around the wound, and infection control, making the products ideal for hard-to-heal wounds.

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The VACUTEX™ System

Continous drawing

Wound fluid and oedema are continuously and 100% drawn out of the wound bed by the 1st layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing. The drawing power of VACUTEX™ only works if the capillary channels are in direct contact with the wound fluid.


The wound fluid and oedema that is drawn out of the wound will be locked and spread in the central (middle) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing through horizontal drainage. VACUTEX™ remains dry on the skin contact side, but in the wound bed the dressing remains moist. Because of this the wound fluid will not macerate the wound edges.

Drainage and removal

When the central (middle) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dres- sing is saturated, the excess of wound fluid is transported to the third (outer) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing. From this layer, the wound fluid will evaporate or (in case of high amounts of exudate) can be absorbed by a secondary (super absorbent) wound dressing on top of VACUTEX™.

The best solution for more complex wounds.

VACUTEX™ is a special type of wound dressing that consists of a patented 3-layer structure of Polyester and Polyester-Cotton filaments, that mechanically works as a low level “pump” through capillary action. It is not identical to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) but possesses an autologous mechanism similar to NPWT. VACUTEX™ generates a negative pressure of 68mmHg and can be used to treat hard-to-heal wounds with moderate to high levels of wound exudate and slough.

Advantages over conventional bandages

One of the advantages of VACUTEX™ is the significant reduction of superficial and deeper edema in and around the wound. Reducing edema improves microcirculation and blood flow in and around the wound, thereby promoting a much faster wound healing process. As long as edema is present in and around the wound, the wound will never fully heal.

In 2016, the product development activities of Protex Healthcare were completely rebooted to expand and complement their innovative product portfolio. This led to the international reintroduction of their unique product, VACUTEX™, in 2018. Their mission is to make a significant contribution to the healing and treatment of complex wounds.