Antimicrobial Medical Mask

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Mechanism of action

TRIOMED™ Active Mask Typ IIR
Active mouth and nose protection

  • Deactivates over 99 percent of coronavirus
  • Scientifically proven (University of Toronto)
  • Exclusively available through us in Germany

The innovative Triomed technology from i3 BioMedical Inc. is now also applied to protective masks. The result is the TRIOMED™ Active Mask Type IIR. The mouth and nose mask has an antimicrobial coating on its surface, which deactivates pathogenic pathogens within minutes. This effect is also demonstrated by the mask in relation to the coronavirus. Scientific studies conducted by the University of Toronto confirm this.


  • Antimicrobial effect: Neutralizes 99.99% of harmful pathogens
  • Comfortable: Comfortable to wear even for extended periods
  • Tolerable: Latex-free, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating
  • Meets EU EN 14683 Type IIR

Antimicrobial Medical Mask Brochure

I3 BioMedical Inc. is the operating company of T3Medcell Corp. Both are Canadian corporations.

The inventor of the TrioMed Active Technology and the TrioMed team have devoted their professional careers to the elimination of microbial pathogens.

The vision was to invent and industrialize an antimicrobial technology that would rapidly kill all disease-causing microorganisms and be manufacturable into medical and disposable consumer products – at no cost increase to the end-users.