AniVox® Ear Wash

AniVox® Earwash effectively dissolves earwax and cleans the ear canal.

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  • AniVox® Ear Wash can be used temporarily or regularly, according to individual needs, 1-2 times daily, even in conjunction with medical treatments.
  • The use of the product has been investigated as safe; the solution is non-ototoxic and does not harm the inner ear or hearing, based on studies conducted on guinea pigs.
  • AniVox® is natural and gentle, containing no perfumes or alcohol. Suitable for both temporary and continuous use.

Instructions for use on dogs

  1. Before using, ensure that the solution is warm. You can warm the bottle in warm tap water. Using a cold solution may cause irritation to your pet.
  2. Lift your dog’s ear flap to straighten the L-shaped ear canal and make the opening of the ear canal more visible.
  3. Place the spout of the ear flushing bottle at the opening of the ear canal and fill the ear canal with the solution.
  4. Hold up your dog’s ear flap and gently massage the outer ear canal for a few minutes. This will flush the ear canal with the solution, dissolve and release earwax. In most dogs, you can actually feel the vertical part of the ear canal through the skin as a tubular cartilaginous structure below the ear canal opening.
  5. Allow your dog to shake its head to allow the released earwax and excess fluid to drip out of the ear canal.
  6. After this treatment, wipe the opening of the ear canal and the ear flap with a clean cotton or gauze.

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