Abilar® 10% resin ointment helps to create an optimal environment for wound healing and forms a physical barrier against bacteria and yeasts that typically cause skin infections.

Resinous wound ointment 20 g, 1 VE 1 piece
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  • Abilar® 10% resin ointment forms a physical barrier against bacteria and yeasts that typically cause skin infections. The treatment duration varies from days to months depending on the type, size, and cause of the wound.
  • The effectiveness of Abilar® 10% resin ointment has been confirmed through in vitro and in vivo research methods required by modern medical science.


The scientific basis for all products is based on fundamental research on the resin of the Norwegian spruce and its effectiveness in the treatment of humans and animals. The research team, consisting of multidisciplinary experts from the fields of medicine, microbiology, mycology, chemistry, forestry, and technology, scientifically demonstrated the safety and efficacy of resin and resin products.

The use of high-quality natural resin from coniferous trees as the main raw material is based on scientific findings, and its effectiveness is proven in clinical studies. The Resol technology patented by Repolar Pharmaceuticals is the latest step in the proven and powerful product development, based on early results and research on resin.

How to use Abilar®?

Before applying Abilar® 10% resin ointment, the affected area to be treated should be washed and cleansed. The ointment is applied directly to the wound, skin, cracks, burns, abrasions, etc., as a thin layer and covered with a regular plaster or gauze. Apply Abilar® twice daily until the skin lesion is healed.

For chronic, hard-to-heal wounds, apply Abilar® to the wound and cover it with regular gauze or a dressing material you are familiar with. For dry wounds, it is recommended to use an absorbent dressing material, and for heavily exuding wounds, the use of an absorbent dressing is recommended. The dressing should be changed according to the normal interval for the wound type. If the wound has cavities, the ointment can be applied to a gauze strip placed inside the wound cavity. The gauze strip soaked with the ointment should be changed daily or every other day.

It is not recommended to apply the ointment on mucous membranes, eyes, or mouth, or to use it internally.


  • For home use in the treatment of scratches, abrasions, minor burns, traumatic wounds, inflamed wounds, etc.
  • For professional use in infected and non-infected, acute and chronic wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, leg ulcers, complicated surgical wounds, burns, etc.

Abilar® Brochure

“When a tree is injured, a branch breaks, or the winter damages the bark, the tree produces resin to regenerate itself. In our research, we have thoroughly studied the pine tree’s own defense mechanisms against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The tree must constantly protect itself, and resin is a unique defense tool for that purpose.

Research & Development and the focus on scientifically valid and repeatable research methods have been the cornerstone of Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy since the year 2000, even before the company was founded.”