MOSS - NovoX®

The innovative solutions for effective wound healing.

Discover the revolutionary solution for faster and more effective wound healing. Our unique oxygen-enriched oil structure provides you with a safe and efficient method to sustainably optimize the healing process.

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Versatile application

NovoX® products are suitable for a variety of wound types, including deep, narrow, and wounds caused by surgical procedures. No matter what type of wound you have, NovoX® is the versatile solution for your individual wound care needs.

Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of NovoX® is supported by extensive research and clinical studies. Our evidence-based wound healing solution for your trust.

Without antibiotics

Unlike many conventional wound care products, NovoX® does not contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance. The NovoX® products provide you with an effective and safe alternative for optimal wound treatment.

Certified quality

NovoX® is certified as a Class IIB medical device according to the high standards of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Rely on our proven quality, safety, and efficiency for successful wound healing.

Exclusive at rekonmed

As the exclusive provider of NovoX® products for the German market, rekonmed stands for outstanding quality, first-class service, and reliable delivery. Trust us as your reliable partner in professional wound care.

Choose rekonmed for faster, more effective, and safe wound healing. Rely on our innovative solution and achieve optimal results in caring for your wounds.

The company MOSS was founded with the intention of introducing high-tech medical devices and electromedical equipment with unique features to the national and European market, providing medical professionals in the hospital environment the opportunity to have the best solutions available at an international level. Over the years, MOSS has developed extensive expertise and collaborated with leading institutions to provide highly qualified technical support through specialized personnel in the sales process, assisting end-users.