AniDes® Wound Spray

AniDes® Wound Spray is suitable for the gentle treatment of wounds, skin injuries, and irritated skin in animals. The oily spray forms a protective and soothing film, providing moisture for dry and itchy skin, as well as dry skin.

AniDes® Wound Spray is available in the following variants:
50 ml Spray bottle
300 ml Spray bottle

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Instructions for use on dogs

Spray AniDes® once or twice daily directly onto the wound or affected area until the wound is healed. If needed, you can protect the treated area with a bandage. You can also soak compresses in AniDes® and apply them directly to the wound.

For external use only. Does not cause burning and does not stain the fur. The formulation prevents the animal from licking the treated area.

Areas of Application

  • Wounds, scratches, and bruises
  • Bite and puncture wounds
  • Insect bites and tick bites

AniDes® Wound Spray creates a protective environment to promote the healing of wounds and skin abrasions, fostering reepithelialization.

“When a tree is injured, a branch breaks, or the winter damages the bark, the tree produces resin to regenerate itself. In our research, we have thoroughly studied the pine tree’s own defense mechanisms against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The tree must constantly protect itself, and resin is a unique defense tool for that purpose.

Research & Development and the focus on scientifically valid and repeatable research methods have been the cornerstone of Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy since the year 2000, even before the company was founded.”