I3 BioMedical - TRIOMED™

The world's first active antimicrobial adhesive tapes, dressings and masks.

After years of Research & Development, the TrioMed Team successfully industrialized disposable medical products at an equivalent cost that replace the currently available products known to be infection reservoirs. I3 BioMedical laboratories have always been our launching base for scientific innovation, while our manufacturing facilities provide unequaled medical and consumer products.

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Years of testing for a safe result

I3 BioMedical has worked and partnered with international universities, laboratories, and scientists for years, to test, validate and substantiate the TrioMed products, which respective Health Governments now approve in over 40 countries.

The technology

I3 BioMedical’s TrioMed Active Technology is based on the naturally occurring Tri-iodide molecules. The actual application of trio-iodide as an antimicrobial harnesses the “Microbial Killing” efficiency in an Active molecule that activates to eliminate microbes with no toxic effects on humans.

Exclusively at rekonmed

As the exclusive provider of TRIOMED™ products for the German market, rekonmed stands for outstanding quality, first-class service, and reliable delivery. Trust us as your dependable partner in professional wound care. Choose rekonmed for faster, more effective, and secure wound healing. Rely on our innovative solution and achieve optimal results in caring for your wounds.

I3 BioMedical Inc. is the operating company of T3Medcell Corp. Both are Canadian corporations.

The inventor of the TrioMed Active Technology and the TrioMed team have devoted their professional careers to the elimination of microbial pathogens.

The vision was to invent and industrialize an antimicrobial technology that would rapidly kill all disease-causing microorganisms and be manufacturable into medical and disposable consumer products – at no cost increase to the end-users.