CORYT Secure Lotion

CORYT Secure Lotion is a highly effective skin protection lotion designed to reduce sweating on hands and feet and protect stressed skin.

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  • Very suitable when regular liquid-tight protective gloves or rubber boots need to be worn.
  • Fragrance-free; without parabens.
  • With witch hazel extract.

How to use CORYT Secure Lotion?

  • For hands: Apply approximately 0.5 to 1 ml (pea-sized amount) to cleaned and dry skin once a day, and massage it in thoroughly.
  • For feet: Apply approximately 1 to 2 ml to cleaned and dry skin once a day, and massage it in carefully. Pay attention to thorough application between the toes as well.

The sweat-reducing and skin-protecting effect will be fully effective from the 3rd day of use. Depending on the speed and sustainability of the effect and individual skin sensation and sweat load, the application can be reduced to every 2nd or 3rd day after 2 – 3 weeks.

CORYT Secure Lotion Brochure

Hospitals and clinics rely on CORYT’s care products because high-performance medicine should not stop at caregiving.

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