AniLavo® Rinsing Liquid

A natural ready-to-use solution for professional use; safe, effective, and convenient. Contains water-based components of Norwegian spruce resin.

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Instructions for use on dogs

AniLavo® Rinsing Liquid is a ready-to-use solution for cleaning and rinsing, for example, anal glands, wounds, wound cavities, and open abscesses. The bottle has a wide neck that allows for easy dosing of the solution into the syringe or catheter used during the cleaning procedure. The solution can also be used with cloths or a sponge to clean the area to be treated.

Let the solution dry on the area. It forms a long-lasting protective layer and should not be rinsed off after the procedure.

For application on larger areas, the solution can be diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water or saline solution.

Areas of Application

Cleaning of:

  • Anal glands
  • Wounds
  • Wound cavities
  • Open abscesses

“When a tree is injured, a branch breaks, or the winter damages the bark, the tree produces resin to regenerate itself. In our research, we have thoroughly studied the pine tree’s own defense mechanisms against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The tree must constantly protect itself, and resin is a unique defense tool for that purpose.

Research & Development and the focus on scientifically valid and repeatable research methods have been the cornerstone of Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy since the year 2000, even before the company was founded.”