26. March 2021

TRIOMED™ Active Mask Type IIR – better than an FFP2 mask?

FFP2 masks are currently in high demand as they are considered to offer a high level of filtration and provide effective protection against coronavirus. However, medical face masks are increasingly becoming a second choice. The TRIOMED™ mask is a medical protective mask, but it has the advantage of being coated with a special active antiviral layer. The effectiveness of this active protection has been scientifically proven. However, until now, there have been no comparisons with other hygiene masks, especially those with FFP2 or N95 standards. A certified Canadian laboratory has now presented results after scientifically testing and comparing protective masks. The outcome is clear. The additional active protection is far superior to passive filter technologies. The TRIOMED™ mouth and nose mask allows far fewer viruses to pass through than any other mask. Therefore, it provides better protection to others than an FFP2 mask. The probability of an infected person wearing a TRIOMED™ mask infecting others is lower than with other masks. When filtering active viruses, it outperforms all other systems by a significant margin. An FFP2 mask allows almost 30 times more active viruses to pass through. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the antiviral coating, which deactivates coronavirus and influenza viruses within a short time. Even compared to other medical masks, the advantage of TRIOMED™ technology is evident. The conclusion can only be that the TRIOMED™ Active Mask Type IIR is not just an alternative to FFP2 masks but even provides better protection. The TRIOMED™ mask is available for purchase and is more affordable than an FFP2 mask, costing less than one Euro per piece. Source: https://www.globenewswire.com